All Youth Assistance counseling and referral services are offered to Farmington/Farmington Hills residents for a one-time $25 processing fee.  The participation of youth and their family is voluntary.  Parental permission is required.  Although the program is sponsored by the Court, there is no judicial or legal action.

To apply for FYA services  please print and fill out this form below and email to: fya@farmington.k12.mi.us




The Youth Assistance Caseworker initially meets with youth and their families to explore the issues responsible for the referral.  The caseworker may consult school personnel, review records, or talk with other involved professionals.  The assessment, which is crucial to developing an appropriate treatment plan, consists of:

  • The youth’s current behavior and early development

  • The family’s strengths and needs

  • Environmental factors


Youth Assistance contact with referral sources is limited to gathering general information and reporting on whether the youth is responding to services.  With parental permission, Youth Assistance staff can provide or obtain more detailed information.


In certain instances, the referral problem is a symptom of underlying difficulties of a more complex or long-term nature.  In such cases, Farmington/Farmington Hills Area Youth Assistance has contacts with an array of services in the surrounding community, and can facilitate a referral to an agency that can provide long-term care.