Building Bridges Mothers & Daughters

Farmington Youth Assistance and Home Life Center are excited to announce a NEW class series for Mothers and Daughters (10-18): “Building Bridges and Strengthening the Mother-Daughter Relationship” will be held at Hōme Life Center, LLC, 23023 Orchard Lake Road, Suite A-1, Farmington. Please join us as we build-up and strengthen the bridges connecting our Mother-Daughter relationships.

These workshops will be presented over the course of 8 weeks in February and March 2016.  They are designed to teach techniques for enhancing communication; exploring stress reduction techniques, and connecting deeper within ourselves and with others in a warm studio setting.  In addition to all of the hard work and learning, we will also have lots of fun!

Classes will be held on Mondays from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm beginning February 1st.

Building Bridges is an 8 week series designed to strengthen and enhance the mother-daughter relationship.

Everyone will create their own “hŌMe life tool box which we will be adding to weekly!

Series Schedule

Class 1~ Intro, Class Outline, Create & Design Home Life “Tool Box”

Class 2~ Introspection

Class 3~ Mindfulness

Class 4~ Self Love

Class 5~ Communication/Deep Listening

Class 6~ Celebration, Review & Recap

What you can expect to experience each week:

  1. Recap from the previous week.
  2. Sharing circle
  3. Introspective thought provoking questions
  4. A breathing, Movement or Meditation based activity.

5 A creative project connected to the weekly topic.

And a whole lot more….

On Sunday, February 28th, from 2 pm -3:30 pm, there is an optional Yoga class for Mothers and Daughters.

Early bird pricing until January 25th:

Mother/Daughter $40    

Mother/ 2Daughters $55

Each additional daughter $10

Register Here

Enrollment is limited.  For more information please contact: Stacy Bishop Niskar

Home Life Center Email: